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One of the advantages of studying at the LMU is that aside from the semester fee there is no tuition fee. However, this means that financial aid for students is not as abundant compared to universities in countries with tuition fees. Below are some options to help students with their finances. 


DAAD (Deutsche Akademischer Austausch Dienst)

  • Largest funding organization in the world
  • Offer financial aid to students in various programs including international students from various countries
  • Provide information about general and academic requirments for foreign and non-foreign students
  • Application through the LMU International Office
  • Applicants must have been enrolled at the LMU for at least 2 complete semesters, and have very good academic performance
  • Funding may be up to €550 for ten months (regular scholarship) or 6 months (for thesis completion scholarship)
  • Financial need must be evident (no other scholarships or funding, no support from parents or spouse)

NEW! Applications can be made online! For questions or information, please contact Dr. Monique Esnouf Monique.Esnouf@Verwaltung.Uni-Muenchen.DE or of the LMU International Office.

  • Students enrolled at the LMU are eligible
  • Applicants should have proof of excellent academic performance in the current course of studies (or previous degree, in the case of starting master's students)
  • Academic performance, social engagement and financial need are taken into consideration
  • Support is usually 300 Euros per month for 12 months
Information is only available online in German; please contact the Deutschlandstipendium office for further information.

  • Offers financial support to German and International students from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe for all academic subjects
  • Certain German language certificates are required
  • Must already be living in Germany and enrolled at a German university to apply
  • In cooperation with the LMU offer scholarships to academically talented Chinese students for various doctoral programs
  • Must be admitted to the LMU to receive scholarship
  • Bavarian Universities receive yearly discounts from the Oskar-Karl-Forster-Stipendium which are offered to students for specific costs
  • Benefits between 100 € and 400 € are available for:
    1. Textbooks and learning materials
    2. Printing of dissertations
  • Income dependent
  • Provides links to various funding foundations for:
    1. International funding
    2. Bavarian funding 

Student Financial Advising

  • Provides students with information about available financial aid
  • Students can talk with an adviser to determine best financial aid strategy
  • Free, non-biased opinion


  • Offered by the LMU Career Service
  • Practical Guide
  • Offered by the LMU for students
  • Lists of the latest internships opportunities, student jobs and graduate jobs

DAAD (Deutsche Akademischer Austausch Dienst)

  • The DAAD provides information regarding working in Germany for international students from the EU and other continents
  • EU students are allowed to work in Germany freely in Germany, however students from outside of the EU are subject to specific requirements
  • Iinternational students from outside of the EU are subject to specific labour laws


  • Keep in mind that the LMU also offers job fairs and work placements can be often found on bulletin boards and monitors around your campus
  • Read through available flyers offered on campus 
  • Ask your supervisors and professors