Master of Science in Biology

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Module Structure

The curriculum is based on earning 30 ECTS points per semester, made up of the students' custom-designed modules. Modules in various subjects can be composed with 9, 15, or 21 ECTS points. Interdisciplinary modules worth 3 or 6 ECTS points are also available.

9-point modules generally include a lecture (3 points), a practical course (3 points), and a seminar (3 points) or include a lecture and a long practical course (6 points). 15-point modules include e.g. two long practical courses and a lecture or a research practical course (12 points) and a lecture in the respective field of study. 21-point modules provide a combination of a research practical course with one of the 9-point module alternatives. Modules may contain only one lecture (see program catalog).

Example 1: You are interested in Microbiology and would like to take a combination of lecture/seminar/practical courses in this area amounting to 21 points. You are then free to choose the area in which to take the remaining 9 ECTS points, for instance in Genetics.

Example 2: You would like to concentrate in Molecular Biology, but you do not wish to decide on a focus yet. You choose three molecular modules each worth 9 ECTS points, such as in Plant Sciences, Cell Biology, and Human Biology. Additionally you select a class in another area for the remaining 3 ECTS points.
The same applies for semesters 2 and 3.


 Examples of module composition and contents.

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