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International Students

If you are a non-German AND did not receive your bachelor's degree from a German university, you must apply to the LMU International Office for general admission IN ADDITION TO your application to the Faculty of Biology!

For application to the Faculty of Biology, please see Application Process.

Download instructions for application procedure, including application to the International Office (pdf, 26 KB).

The International Office requires its own application form and certified copies of all transcripts and certificates. The International Office processes applications university-wide. To avoid delays, we strongly recommend that you send both applications simultaneously (to appropriate address, see Instructions pdf). Please indicate to the International office that your application for the master's program is in progress.

Non-European applicants with a bachelor of honors degree (4 years, including thesis) are eligible for LMU master's programs. Questions concerning degree equivalency status can be applied to the Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen in Bonn, Germany ( ).

Please note that applicants with a Chinese qualifying degree are required to provide an APS certificate.

For forms and further details on application procedure, see the LMU admissions website for guidelines and application forms

For information on student life in Munich, visit the LMU International Student Guide and our Student Life page.

Further information about studying in Germany can also be found on the DAAD website.

There is no tuition for the program, but please note that the LMU has no financial aid program. Different organizations that may award scholarships and/or financial aid are reviewed at the GraduateCenter LMU website. Please also check possibilities in your home country.

In limited cases, you may be eligible for state funding (BAföG and student loans).